Monday, January 18, 2010


Mtskheta is a small village about 15 kilometers to the west of Tblisi. Rita Prokopenko and friends took me to see a dramatically located monastery from about 600 A.D. remarkable for its stone work and its condition. It sits high above the confluence of the two rivers pictured--the Aragvi and the Mtkvari. We toured the monastery in a steady cold rain. Then we visited a much larger and younger cathedral in town (not pictured). We had a bit of soup and red wine in an frame looking buildings are in fact little rooms with a table, chairs and a fireplace at a resort called Salobia, famous for its Georgian lobia soup (made with kidney beans)(excellent). In mid afternoon we returned to Tblisi and visit the enormous Mtketi orthodox cathedral that sits on a hill looking down on the city.


  1. Don't know if you're getting email so I'll let you know here: Rabbi Milder passed away last night. CK will meet tonight, we will do our best to honor him.

  2. I'm curious about the religions in the area. Was the monastery an Eastern Orthodox? Is it still active? What are the primary religious demographics in Georgia?

  3. The photos of the monastery are incredible - as is the one of the confluence of the rivers. There is something quite intriguing to me about a man made structure that has stood this long - imagine all of the history it has been witness to. thank you for posting them.