Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kitchen Sink

When I arrived at the apartment, the apparatus that screens the flow of water from the kitchen faucet was malfunctioning. Thus, in the morning when I first turned on the hot water, air in the system would cause the water to spray all over the place including yours truly. So, for some time I have been searching for that little piece of equipment one screws into a faucet to control the flow of water. The picture is of the store where I finally found it. There are no Menards or Ace Hardware stores around that I could discover.

And right next to this little shop was a Russian family selling roast coffee. Bought some coffee beans as well and had this fellow grind them.

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  1. Miles -
    I'm intrigued by the signs in the pictures. How are you able to decipher the signs enough to know this store may have the hardware you needed? OR does your natural curiosity just lead you to walk on in and discover what's inside?