Sunday, March 14, 2010

No Panic Here

March 14, 2010

Last night around mid night there was a lot of hollering going on outside. I am getting used to this so did not check it out. This morning a friend told me that there had been a TV show simulating what might happen if the Russians invaded and murdered the current president. This led to a scare like the one back in the 30s when a radio show broadcast an invasion of aliens. If there was panic, it was invisible to us today and we were all over the main part of the city including by Parliament where there was supposed to be a rally condemning the president for perpetrating this hoax for political reasons. It was a pretty normal day as far as we could tell although our day was anything normal. We got to go into the Number 1 school in Georgia, a school established in 1802. We were led about by two charming young students, Nodo and _________. Amazing school and we’ll write about it. And post some pictures. Then on our hike above the city we met a fellow from Kazbek who used to be a guide and who has a brother up there and he volunteered to help us. The best news was that the snow would be gone, in all probability, from the trail up to the glacier. This means we may get to do a high altitude hike in the Caucus Mountains before we depart. Anyway, we saw no signs of panic.

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