Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So many details involved in such extended stays. Sarah's conputer crashed so we had to get her a new one. That's done. It looks like our sewer system may back up so the plumber comes to check the line. Organizing signatures at the bank for Zac. Figuring out how to pay the first month's rent in Georgia. The list goes on and on. The end result is I have to accept one of life's realities that I won't have recalled all the details.

Had a nice conversation with a person from the Jewish Federation's Joint Distribution Committee who told me of a large scale effort in Tblissi to assist Jews who had relocated there from Russia and former Russian disputed Russian/Georgian areas. I have been told that there are many NGOs in Tblissi and this effort would be an example of such. I will be meeting with a person who operates an NGO that prepares and trains school administrators and I suspect there may be many such. Georgia used to have thousands of independent colleges and universities (right after the Rose Revolution). Lacking any sort of authority structure to grant credentials to an institution, it was a wide open market. Caveat emptor! I am sure. Many of these have been closed and consolidated as the Ministry of Education moved to increase educational quality and root out corrupt practices. We shall see. This is what I have been told. The place where I will teach, Illia Chavachavdze University is a new institution resulting in the merger of a former teachers college and a professional school.

Back to packing and shoveling the copious amount of snow that Lincoln has had this month.

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  1. Packing certainly brings home the reality of leaving on an extended trip. The good news is that those of us who are your friends at "home" will be willing to assist Sarah if need be with any details that were inadvertently left off your list.
    Let me wish you a happy 2010 in Tblissi...should be an amazing experience for you.